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ฅ(ٛ•௰• ٛ ) Special Edition Breakfast Alpaca - Avocado Toast - Ready to Ship!

$150.00 / Sold Out

Breakfast is important, and this alpaca knows it. Having your best interests at heart, the Alpaca Breakfast Delivery plush brings you what you need, when you need it (i.e. soft, fluffy breakfast!)

Made from a lovely soft brown sherpa fabric, and equipped with a wool felt saddle, cushion and breakfast tray featuring avocado, tomato and feta on toast accompanied by a little sippy cup of orange juice.

Measures approximately 29cm tall. There is wire in the limbs for bending into different poses. This is a freestanding piece.

This alpaca comes packaged in a nice recyclable box with risographed sticker listing all the details of the piece.

Made out of new and recycled materials. Including felt, various fabrics, plastic eye pieces, embroidery thread, non-allergenic polyester stuffing and armature wire. Not suitable for rough play or young children. This is an entirely handmade piece and should be treated with care.